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Oliver Page

Oliver Page, M.D., is a doctor, freelance writer, and trainee coach with an interest in psychology and personal development.

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Oliver is a doctor and writer based in London, holding an integrated medical and psychology degree from University College London.

Oliver has worked in several inpatient Psychiatry settings after qualifying. He believes in the intentional cultivation of values and strengths-based approaches to promoting wellbeing. Oliver aims to motivate and inspire people to recognize their potential and act on goals congruent with their authentic self.


Work Experience

  • 2020 – Employed Medical Copywriter
  • 2017-2020 – Junior doctor working in the UK National Health Service


First- and Second-Author Publications

  • Psychology dissertation – Expressive writing as a tool for managing depression and anxiety: predictors of improvement.
  • Can Developing a Growth Mindset Help to tackle Imposter Syndrome?” – Joyful Doctor
  • Owner of a Personal Development Blog


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A Personal Message From Oliver

For anyone interested in helping people help themselves, I believe it’s a very exciting time to be alive! The sheer scale of global connectivity, along with the emergence of applied positive psychology, brings more opportunity for self-actualisation than ever before. Almost every person has in their pocket access to a vast database of knowledge, inspiration and access to like-minded people – from anywhere in the world!

At the same time, the pace and complexity of the world seem to be skyrocketing, in tandem with a breakdown in traditional support networks. It can feel like we’re overloaded by information, opinions, and choices at every turn. The value in being intentional about what we absorb and the places we seek guidance is higher than ever.

I have always been a personal development enthusiast, and it’s thrilling to see this trend flourish and become even more mainstream over time. I believe there’s no ceiling on human potential – or no use in setting one, anyway. Whether it’s around health, careers, or relationships, my passion is for thinking about and sharing ideas on what it takes to live with purpose, find meaning, and thrive in the 21st century.

– Oliver


Why Should You Trust What Oliver Writes?

As a medical doctor exposed to a wide spectrum of human experience, Oliver often reflects on what makes life truly meaningful. Even before completing his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, he obsesses with knowing what makes people tick. His time spent in a range of psychiatric placements has proven especially interesting in that respect.

Oliver appreciates just how nuanced we all are, as are the factors that determine ‘wellbeing.’ This is making a holistic approach to helping people more relevant than ever in the form of looking upstream beyond traditional medical models of disease. As a writer and coach-in-training, he aims to deeply explore these topics, speak from the heart, and inspire others to appreciate their potential.