Self Esteem

Here you will find articles about self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-care as well as important research findings and useful or/and interesting insights on these topics.

27 Books to Improve Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, and Self-Image

We are living in an era of confidence and communication. From the charismatic doctor to the energetic motivational speaker or the loving and friendly teacher, [...]

self-esteem in kids

7 Most Effective Self-Esteem Tools and Activities

Your level of self-esteem has to do with how worthwhile you feel. It’s different from self-confidence, which has more to do with your ability to [...]

It’s The Way You Say It

What is Positive Self-Talk? (Incl. Examples)

It’s not uncommon for most of us to keep a running dialogue inside our heads. This dialogue can range from giving ourselves instructions while we [...]


Measuring Self-Efficacy with Scales and Questionnaires

Self-efficacy is all about your belief in your own abilities as it pertains to dealing with various situations. Self-efficacy can play a big role in [...]

What is Self-Reliance and How to Develop It?

Self-reliance is all that it sounds like plus considerably more. Even though Ralph Waldo Emerson may not have introduced the concept, it was he who [...]

how to improve self-efficacy

4 Ways To Improve And Increase Self-Efficacy

Self-efficacy is the belief we have in our abilities and competencies. Many years and several thousand studies’ worth of research have demonstrated how critical this [...]

Positive self-image

What is Self-Image in Psychology? How Do We Improve it?

Self-image is yet another of the “self” concepts essential to understand in positive psychology. Although related to the others, it is a distinct concept that [...]


What is Self-Worth & How Do We Build it? (Incl. Worksheets)

Chances are, you’ve heard of the many, many “self-” words. There’s self-esteem, self-compassion, self-acceptance, self-respect, self-confidence, self-love, self-care, and so on. There are so many words [...]


What Is Self-Expression? (20 Activities + Examples)

Do you ever stop to think about how you share yourself with others? We all have our own unique quirks and traits, and we all [...]


Building Strong Self-Belief: 12 Tips & Worksheets (+PDF)

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford This classic quote from automobile magnate Henry Ford is a [...]

3 Self-Compassion Tools (PDF)