Therapy Exercises

Here you will find articles containing exercises, activities, and interventions to use in your client coaching or therapy sessions.

Therapy Games

28 Best Therapy Games for Healing Through Play

Self-expression is a crucial aspect of healing through play, particularly for children, where fun activities release dopamine, providing enjoyment, focus, and the motivation to complete [...]

Systematic desensitization

Systematic Desensitization Steps: 13 Techniques & Worksheets

Systematic desensitization is used to treat extreme aversions through a combination of graded exposure and relaxation. It is an evidence-based behavioral intervention that is focused [...]

Role-play scripts

Role Play in Therapy: 21 Scripts & Examples for Your Session

Role-play has multiple uses related to mental wellness and therapy. It is a technique that doesn’t require any costumes or makeup, and it is a [...]

Mentalization-Based Therapy

Mentalization-Based Therapy Guide: Best Worksheets and Techniques

To neuroscientists, psychoanalysts, existential philosophers, and various types of mental health practitioners, the idea of mentalization is both foundational and captivating. Use of the term [...]

ACT Techniques

ACT Therapy Techniques: 14+ Interventions for Your Sessions

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is one of the third wave of mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioral therapies and has accumulated a huge scientific evidence base demonstrating its [...]

Grounding tools tecniques

7 Best Grounding Tools and Techniques to Manage Anxiety

Sweaty palms, racing heart, and erratic thoughts – feeling anxious can be debilitating and overwhelming. Once we recognize the experience and when it happens, we [...]

Problem solving therapy

10 Best Problem-Solving Therapy Worksheets & Activities

Humans are excellent problem-solvers, born with an innate ability to find solutions to day-to-day challenges. Cognitive science tells us that we regularly face not only [...]

Miracle Question

How to Use the Miracle Question in Therapy: 3 Examples

Is the miracle question as good as it sounds? Well, possibly. For the therapist, the intervention has the power to explore clients’ hidden resources and [...]

ACT Group Therapy

How to Apply ACT in Group Therapy: 3 Workshop Activities

Offering Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in groups benefits participants by providing support when clients realize they are not alone with their struggles. Working in [...]

Marketing for Therapists

Marketing for Therapists: 10 Ways to Grow Your Practice

To be successful and run a thriving practice, therapists need to be strategic with their marketing. Over the last 10 years, it has become increasingly [...]