Strengths & Virtues

Everyone has a characteristic set of strengths and virtues, that is, things that they are naturally “good” or “strong” on. Research in Positive Psychology suggests that there are (at least) 24 strengths and virtues that are recognized in most cultures.

Strength-based Therapy

How to Perform Strengths-Based Therapy and Counseling

Our strengths make up our wealth in life. We can hide them away, remaining fearful, or use and develop them to the benefit of ourselves [...]

Strengths-based approach

Strengths-Based Approach in Social Work: 6 Examples & Tools

The strengths-based approach to social work focuses on a client’s personal, relational, and community assets, rather than their deficits (Pulla, 2017). It is a holistic, [...]

Openness to Experience

What Is Openness to Experience & How Do We Measure It?

If last night’s dream helped you solve a problem, it could indicate that you are high in the personality disposition of openness (Larsen, Buss, Wismeijer, [...]

Clifton Strengths Assessment

Understanding the CliftonStrengths™ Assessment: A Guide

Our leadership is in crisis. A survey commissioned by the World Economic Forum in 2015 found that 86% of people believed their leaders were ill [...]

Strength Cards

Printable Strength Cards for Therapists and Coaches

Identifying personal strengths is a key step on the road to self-improvement. Through self-reflection, identifying one’s strengths can cause increased self-confidence and general wellbeing. Even [...]

How to be humble

How to Be More Humble: 20+ Tips and Books to Foster Humility

We live in a world of 7.8 billion people, and yet differences in thinking, feeling, and behavior can be boiled down to just five personality [...]

intuition training

Intuition Training: 5 Exercises to Strengthen Intuition

What made you decide to read this article? Perhaps you saw the title and just had a gut feeling that it would prove useful to [...]

Perseverance in Psychology

Perseverance in Psychology: Meaning, Importance & Books

Perseverance refers to our ability to pursue a goal or passion over time, and stick with it if we encounter obstacles or setbacks. In the [...]

what is altruism

What Is Altruism in Psychology? 8 Inspiring Examples

Around the world, people give up time, money, and energy every day to improve the lives of others. It can be as simple as helping [...]

What Is Humility & Why Is It Important? (Incl. Examples)

At first sight, the ancient virtue of humility is not a particularly appealing one. Deriving from the word humus (earth), it appears to clash with [...]

3 Positive Psychology Tools (PDF)