Software & Apps

This category features all kinds of apps and software solutions that may come in handy for running your private practice, supporting your therapy work with clients, or developing your own professional skillsets.

Apps for Psychologists

Best Apps for Therapists & Psychologists to Use With Clients

As any experienced psychologist knows, clients tend to make most of their progress outside the therapy room, not in it. Therefore, it’s essential to equip [...]

CRM Software

CRM for Coaches: Best Client Management Apps and Software

One comment we’ve heard from coaches in the positive psychology community is around the lack of suitable tools for managing clients’ personal details and communications. [...]

Therapy Exercises

How to Send Out Online Exercises and Homework in Therapy

No matter the branch of psychology you apply, most clients will benefit from homework or take-home exercises during the therapeutic relationship. In fact, in some [...]

Online coaching tools

Using Online Coaching Tools to Scale Your Practice

Scaling your coaching practice entails developing and supporting new and existing clients. Sustaining growth means committing more of your time or adopting an alternative way [...]

Mobile health apps

Mobile Health Apps: Providing Better Care to Patients

Luckily, it was during an era of rapidly advancing technology that the COVID-19 pandemic hit. While the outside world was put on hold and life [...]

Homework in therapy

Sending Homework to Clients in Therapy: The Easy Way

Homework is an essential part of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT; Beck, 2011; Mausbach, Moore, Roesch, Cardenas, & Patterson, 2010). Successful therapy relies on using assignments outside [...]

Best Life Coaching Software & Platform to Start Using Today

With online coaching continuing to grow, technology now plays a crucial role in building relationships with clients (Lungu, Jun, Azarmanesh, Leykin, & Chen, 2020; Lungu, [...]

Artificial Intelligence in Psychology

Artificial Intelligence in Psychology: 9 Examples & Apps

The first chatbot, ELIZA, was created by MIT’s Joseph Weizenbaum as long ago as 1966. Named after Eliza Doolittle from George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion, [...]

Psychoeducational Interventions in Practice

How to Design Psychoeducational Interventions With Quenza

Every mental health practitioner knows how vital psychoeducation is in therapy. As a critical element of any treatment plan or care pathway, educating clients about [...]

Online Counseling

Exploring Online Counseling and Software for Your Practice

The future is upon us, particularly in how we provide counseling. Since the dawn of psychology, geographical obstacles have been a hurdle for effective counseling. [...]

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