Articles on the applied positive psychology of relationships and communication based on the latest scientific insights.

Attachment Styles

Attachment Styles in Relationships: 6 Worksheets for Adults

When John Bowlby (1988) introduced his theory of attachment, he described the psychotherapist as being like a responsive mother with a child; they must be [...]

Attachment Style Worksheets

Attachment Styles in Therapy: 6 Worksheets & Handouts

Childhood experiences can influence the traits we express in adulthood. Early exposure to absent, neglectful, or emotionally distant parents can shape what we expect from [...]

Emotion Focused Couples Therapy

How to Do Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy: 6 Interventions

While emotions are often strong and all consuming when a couple first meets, they continue to influence the ongoing health of the mature relationship. Along [...]


What Is Bullying? A Look at Its Psychological Impact

Bullying is certainly an unusual yet interesting phenomenon. If you ask most people, they are likely to say that they have been the victim of [...]

Social Skills Worksheets

11 Social Skills Worksheets for Seamless Social Interactions

Perhaps you feel shy, awkward, or anxious around other people. And that’s okay. All of us, at times, experience similar feelings and find making conversation [...]

Communication Skills

How to Improve Communication Skills: 14 Best Worksheets

In his acclaimed book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie (2019, p. 32) hints at a key strategy involved in effective communication [...]

Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Support Groups: 10 Helpful Activities & Games

Have you ever met someone brimming with confidence and communication skills, and thought to yourself, ‘I want to be like them‘? Social skills can be [...]


Transference vs Countertransference in Therapy: 6 Examples

For ages, the term “transference” has been associated with pathology, enmeshed boundaries, and unhealthy therapy sessions. In reality, transference occurs within the context of relationships [...]

Digital Therapeutic Relationship

How to Improve the Therapeutic Relationship Digitally

A significant shift has taken place in psychotherapy over recent years. Based on continuing research, it has become clear that the client and therapist are [...]

Attachment styles

Attachment Styles in Children (& How to Raise Secure Kids)

As a parent, have you ever wondered how your child’s attachment to you would affect them as an adult? Would they become a ‘mama’s boy’ [...]

3 Positive Relationships Exercises Pack