Motivation & Goals

In this category, you will find all our science-based articles on motivation, self-determination theory, goal-setting and modalities like motivational interviewing.

Readiness for change

How to Assess and Improve Readiness for Change

Clients seeking professional help from a counselor or therapist are often aware they need to change yet may not be ready to begin their journey. [...]

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

What Is Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)?

Motivation is a powerful predictor of change in recovery. In recent years, addiction treatments have shifted away from punitive methods and abstinence protocols toward a [...]

Motivational Interviewing Training

Motivational Interviewing Training: Top 14 Courses

Even if we know changing our behavior is good for us, change involves chartering unknown territories, putting forth effort, and letting go of familiar habits. [...]

Behavior Change

What Is Behavior Change in Psychology? 5 Models and Theories

Why do we behave the way we do? Can the answer to this question help us change our less desirable behaviors? Changing less desirable behaviors [...]

Benefits of motivational interviewing

Is Motivational Interviewing Effective? A Look at 5 Benefits

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend and been persuaded to make a positive change? Think back now. What was it they said [...]

Intrinsic motivation

Intrinsic Motivation Explained: 10 Examples & Key Factors

Intrinsic motivation is a much sought-after quality. “Perhaps no single phenomenon reflects the positive potential of human nature as much as intrinsic motivation, the inherent [...]

18 Best Motivational Interviewing Worksheets & Activities

Helping people change unhealthy or damaging behavior is one of the most significant challenges therapists face (Hall, Gibbie, & Lubman, 2012). When encouragement to stop [...]

Motivational Interviewing Books

15 Motivational Interviewing Books to Help Clients Change

In the absence of motivation, health-related advice is often ignored and behavior change is blocked by ambivalence (Miller & Rollnick, 2013). Motivational interviewing (MI) is [...]

Extrinsic motivation

What Is Extrinsic Motivation? (Incl. Types & Examples)

Some tasks make you feel inspired, stimulated, and raring to go. Other tasks can make you want to curl up in bed, procrastinate on Netflix, [...]

Measuring intrinsic motivation

Measuring Intrinsic Motivation: 24 Questionnaires & Scales

Intrinsic motivation refers to when we feel compelled to do something for internal reasons, such as when a task interests us (Ryan & Deci, 2000). [...]

3 Goal Achievement Exercises Pack