Grief & Bereavement

Here you will find academic articles and resources to help those who have been affected by grief.

Complicated Grief Therapy

How to Treat Complicated Grief in Therapy: 12 Examples

Each grief experience is unique, yet we share the need to have it witnessed without someone attempting to lessen it or find ways to reframe [...]

Types of grief

13 Types of Grief + How to Treat Loss in Therapy

Every day, millions of people are affected by the loss of a loved one. They remember the precise time, location, and what they were doing [...]

Bereavement counseling

How to Do Bereavement Counseling: Resources & Interventions

As the funeral car pulled away, all was quiet except for the sound of the tires on the snow. I wanted the world to stay [...]

Grief Meditation Yoga

Grief Meditation and Yoga: Healing Through Awareness

The grief of bereavement is a severe psychosocial stressor (Stroebe, Schut, & Stroebe, 2007). Intense emotional pain can lead to substance abuse, relationship difficulties, anxiety, [...]

Maranasati meditation

Maranasati Meditation: How to Practice Mindfulness of Death

Maranasati meditation refers to several early Buddhist practices focused on mindfulness of death (Access to Insight, 2013a, 2013b). The objective of mindfulness of death practices [...]

Hope therapy

How to Perform Hope Therapy: 4 Best Techniques

In everyday language, the word hope can suggest unrealistic, wishful thinking. For positive psychologists, hope refers to a positive state of mind, one in which [...]

Creative Arts Therapies

Creative Arts Therapies Explained: 18 Best Courses and Ideas

Using creative arts to facilitate healing is not a new practice. In ancient Greece and Rome, participation in theater acts was “prescribed” for individuals with [...]

Grief Books

9 Grief Books, Worksheets, & Journal Prompts to Help Clients

Grief is an experience that does not discriminate. At some point, everyone will lose a loved one. However, no one really talks about it. Even [...]

Grief stages

The Psychology of Grief: The 4 Stages Explained

Grief is characterized by a contradiction. On one hand, it is a complex and painful maelstrom of thoughts and emotions triggered by the loss of [...]

Grief for children

Helping Kids Cope With Grief: 6+ Tips to Support Children

Losing a loved one is never easy. For children, losing someone they love can be even more difficult because they are not only trying to [...]