Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to monitor and distinguish between your own emotions and those of others and label these emotions correctly.

Emotional Awareness

What Is Emotional Awareness? 6 Worksheets to Develop EI

Many argue that emotional intelligence (EI) is more important than traditional intelligence, boosting academic and career success, leadership skills, and mental and physical wellbeing (Larsen, [...]

Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence: How to Overcome Saboteurs in Coaching

Positive intelligence has become a popular term in the executive coaching world. It is the new ‘intelligence’ of this decade, just as emotional intelligence was [...]

Cultivating social intelligence

Cultivating Social Intelligence: 3 Ways to Understand Others

Have you ever noticed how some people can effortlessly talk to anyone they meet, no matter how divergent their backgrounds? Or have you seen that [...]

Assessing Emotional Intelligence: 19 Valuable Scales & PDFs

Each of us has that special friend who seems to have more insight into their feelings, a better understanding of other people’s emotions, and an [...]

15 Most Valuable Emotional Intelligence TED Talks on YouTube

Emotional intelligence gets a lot of attention in the field of leadership research, and it is drawing increasing attention from many other fields as well. [...]

emotional intelligence quotes

40 Emotional Intelligence Quotes & Do They Ring True?

Intelligence is a multifaceted concept. Distinguished intelligence researcher Howard Gardner (1999) knew this when he proposed his theory of multiple intelligences. Many researchers and philosophers [...]

25 Sharp Emotional Intelligence Interview Questions

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who would say they love attending interviews. No matter who you are or how experienced you might be, interviews [...]

50 Practical Examples of High Emotional Intelligence

A person who is in touch with his or her feelings will have a stronger chance of effectively leading those he or she is responsible [...]

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence in Relationships – Couples Activities

As our society evolves, we are becoming more sophisticated and efficient in a number of ways; more informed, more educated, and ‘smarter’. We measure success [...]

Emotional Intelligence Frameworks

Emotional Intelligence Frameworks, Charts, Diagrams & Graphs

Emotional intelligence, otherwise known as EQ, helps us better understand what motivates others. It also helps us work more cooperatively with others. The more skillful [...]

3 Emotional Intelligence Exercises (PDF)