Coaching & Application

Positive psychology coaching focuses on improving the (mental) wellbeing of a client by applying findings from the academic field of positive psychology.

Cognitive Coaching Model

Cognitive Coaching Model: 26 Questions, Steps, and Strategies

Cognitive coaching is a person-centered intervention model that helps coachees develop into self-directed learners with metacognitive skills that optimize professional practice. It was pioneered as [...]

Pillars of Profitable Practice

[NEW EBOOK] The 7 Pillars of a Profitable Practice

As a coach or therapist, the ability to support and guide others is probably second nature. But building a successful and sustainable career out of [...]

Health coaching templates

Health Coaching: Your Ultimate Template Toolkit for Success

Much of our wellbeing comes down to what we do and don’t do. We can’t control all aspects of our health, but we can manage [...]

Practicing Positive Psychology Coaching

Applied Positive Psychology Coaching: The Ultimate Guide

Positive psychology is often associated with the positive aspects of life, yet it is much more than that. This fascinating, scientific study of what makes [...]

Coaching for anxiety

Coaching for Anxiety: 6+ Techniques for Helping Clients

The ability to cope with feelings of anxiety and worry is a unique experience for every individual with these emotions. However, the main goal in [...]

What is health coaching

What Is Health Coaching? 12 Benefits & Principles Explained

Stress levels in modern society are super high, and that is no secret. Many people struggle to cope with life’s demands and inadvertently develop bad [...]

Mindset Coaching

Mindset Coaching: 21+ Tools for the Mindset Coach (+ Topics)

Our mindsets have been shaped by our upbringing, genetics, and experiences throughout life. Consequently, all of us view the world through uniquely different lenses. These [...]


48 Ways to Apply Psychoeducation as a Coach

Whether or not you realize it, psychoeducation is likely at the core of your work as a coach. This holistic term represents a growing recognition [...]

Relationship coaching training

How to Become a Relationship Coach: 7 Certification Courses

Coaching is a vibrant and growing field. According to the 2020 Global Coaching Study released by the International Coaching Federation (ICF; 2020), worldwide there are [...]

Coaching on Work Life Balance

11 Best Tools & Questions for Work-Life Balance Coaching

In our fast-paced, money-driven, demanding society, the concept of finding and maintaining work–life balance can seem like an impossible dream. The hours at work, inflexible [...]